Beatport Chart Report: David Guetta’s Not the Only One ‘Trolling Us’

Burning issues of our times: Have you seen David Guetta leading Tomorrowland’s main stage crowd in a rousing sing-along of . . . well, look for yourself. Pitchfork dance columnist Philip Sherburne, from whose Twitter account I found this droll little item, openly wondered whether or not Guetta was, in the parlance of our time, “trolling us.”

But take a listen to the current Beatport Top 10 and it’s not difficult to see Guetta’s latest “hit” as less of a troll and more as an endgame of a tendency to blatantly revisit well-known older songs. Guetta merely found the most grandiloquent example of, as Lou Reed put it, “where the absurd court the vulgar.” At least until Pacha Ibiza’s closing night, when he will no doubt whip out “Yes! We Have No Bananas.”

The Top 10 does not peak quite so low. Right below “Suga,” still #1 (covered in last week’s column), is Hi-Lo’s “Renegade Mastah,” the first release on Oliver Heldens’ new Heldeep Records. Hi-Lo’s track runs on the same brash vocal sample as the 1995 dance hit “Renegade Master” by Wildchild, best known in its Fatboy Slim remix from a couple years later. But Hi-Lo’s bulbous low end and a gaseous build (literally—sounds like a balloon filling) could work even without the sample.

#3 brings even more retromania: Freejak, Mr. Belt & Wezol’s “Somebody to Love.” Yes, it’s a cover of the Jefferson Airplane hit, #5 during San Francisco’s 1967 ‘Summer of Love,’ and one of the handful of records from that era to retain most of its original power. This version samples Grace Slick’s vocal and turns it into a hands-in-air banger. It’s like a 3D animated version of a Wonder Years episode. Even the cover image sells it: a young woman with hippie-length blonde hair, colors bright and faintly iridescent, capped by big round yellow sunglasses that deliberately invoke Richard Avedon’s psychedelic portrait of John Lennon. And let’s not forget the origin of Freejak’s name: A flop 1992 sci-fi thriller (Rotten Tomatoes average: 15 percent) best known for co-starring another sixties guy, Mick Jagger.

#5 doesn’t look like a remake: It’s called “Saltwater,” and it’s by Nora En Pure. But then, out of a bumping little deep house groove, comes marching — yes, it’s Spandau Ballet’s “True,” not just one of the most famous songs of the eighties but also one of the most recognized samples of the ’90s, thanks to P.M. Dawn’s “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss,” the first #1 pop hit of the SoundScan era. My response, appropriately, was also “Ah-ha-ha-ha.”

Our survey ends at #14: Joe Stone feat. Montell Jordan’s “The Party (Firebeatz Remix).” Guess which song this samples? That’s right: Jordan’s 1995 R&B smash “This Is How We Do It,” one of the most no-brainer party records ever made. Jordan’s featured credit is a show of class, but it’s also a necessity, since Stone and Firebeatz drop in a giant chunk of the original track’s chorus. You can never be too familiar. Right, David?

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Hear Dusky’s New Homage to Festival Techno, “Parakeet Feet”

Dusky’s catalog consistently keeps fans guessing. In the duo’s early days, they dabbled in drum & bass, their past work as Solarity is all about progressive, and in their current form, they’ve made a name for themselves in the realm of house and techno.

The pair’s upcoming EP, Ordinary World is another such sampler of Dusky’s many influences. The first single, “Jilted,” nodded to ’90s rave; “Skin Deep” delivered soulful groove with ambient textures; and their latest, “Parakeet Feet,” heads in yet another direction with a big-room techno track inspired by artists such as Cirez D, Slam and Underworld.

Dusky wrote on SoundCloud, “Techno in all its forms has always featured strongly throughout our DJ sets, as well as productions – and ‘Parakeet Feet’ is our homage to the big, rolling festival variants of the sound. There’s definitely a melodic touch to the breakdown, as with a lot of our tracks, but the overall effect we aimed for was one of intensity and energy.”

Listen to “Parakeet Feet” below. The Ordinary World EP is scheduled for release via Dusky’s 17 Steps label on July 31, but before that, they’re due for a series of shows in the UK. Following its release, the duo are booked for a North American stint from August to late September before heading to Australia for Listen Out Festival.

[Article photo by The Supermaniak]

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Watch Dixon’s Full Boiler Room Set in a Spanish Monastery

Rarely does a Dixon set show up online in its entirety – in fact, his SoundCloud contains all of one hour-long mix from six months ago – so in the instance one does, it’s worth a listen.

The German producer was the not-so-secret special guest at last month’s Boiler Room x Dekmantel event, where he capped off the night with fellow selectors Solar, Hessle Audio co-head Ben UFO and more at a Spanish monastery. After re-looping the event stream for a few days on their website, the Boiler Room team removed it but have since uploaded Dixon’s set to YouTube, and it’s available to watch in full below.

The 90-minute session is filled with bubbling house and techno that sits comfortably at the cusp of dancefloor enjoyment and home listening. He strings together deep, emotional cuts from artists like Roman Flügel, Midland, Mano Le Tough and fellow Innervisions co-head Frank Wiedemann (half of Âme), all enhanced by their spiritual surroundings.

Dixon will continue to take his mixing prowess throughout Europe with planned festival appearances at T In The Park, Exit, Dour, Magnetic, Dekmantel, Into The Valley and more; plus various dates in Ibiza and at Innervisions’ Lost In A Moment party series.

[Photo via Boiler Room]

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DJ Monita’s Top 5 Classic UK Breakbeat Hardcore Cuts

Drum & bass owes everything to the hardcore pioneers in the early ’90s, like The Prodigy, Lords of Acid, 2 Bad Mice, and even Goldie, who meticulously worked on hardware samplers, chopping breaks into incredibly fast arrangements to satisfy the legions of underground ravers across the UK. Without their tireless work, the landscape of bass music would be barren. In short – all of the early creators of hardcore and jungle are owed a massive debt of gratitude.

This week, UK bass icon Fracture, born Charlie Fieber, released an updated VIP mix of DJ Monita’s 1992 breakbeat classic “Luv Ta Luv Ya,” reworking the break with great respect for its design, taking the time to nail down the original feel of the classic and imbue it with an inspired new flavor.

Fracture graciously presented us with the opportunity to check in with the legend himself, DJ Monita. Monita, aka Brian Fenner, founded Skeleton Recordings back in 1992, becoming a leading figure in the sound of an underground culture. Over 20 years since the label’s inception, Fenner has resurrected the imprint to reissue vital remixes for a new generation, hungry to discover the roots of junglism.

“I was first alerted to Fracture around 2012, when he had the track on Total Science Presents Tuned In 2 called ‘The Breaks,’” Monita explained. “Loved that track and still do. This was soon followed by his ‘Better Than Tomorrow’ release on Metalheadz, so he was a name I certainly recognized, and looked out for. Shortly after joining Twitter, I was very honored when Charlie hit me up saying that he had a real passion and respect for ‘Luv Ta Luv Ya.’”

“We swapped numbers, and had a long chat one day, where he told me he had only recently got the ID of it and the story of him first hearing it when he was at high school on a pirate radio tape,” Monita continued. “I asked if he fancied doing a little updated VIP version for himself and me. When I heard the finished version I was over the moon. That drop at two minutes was an instant goosebumps moment!”

We asked Monita if he would share some nostalgia from “back in the day,” and he took a trip with us, lacing us with his top five tunes from 1992.

1. Nasty Habits — “Dark Angel” (Remix)

“This four-tracker is just as good, if not better than the original Reinforced release. ‘Dark Angel’ is the one I preferred from the EP, that rolling bassline and dark feel was what set me on my journey to the dark side. As a bit of a nod, I also named one of my Skeleton releases [SKEL011] after this track.”

2. Metalheads – “Sinister”

“In my opinion, this whole EP is probably one of the best ever from the genre. Every single track is legendary, for obvious reasons. ‘Sinister’ though… so dark. This one is in my all-time top 10 tracks from the scene. Also the Grooverider remix on Enforcers 5 was tough.”

3. D-Livin – “Why”

“What a track, a proper head-nodder. The only one from my top five that doesn’t have that dark vibe to it. I used to batter this one in my pirate radio days. Love the dreamy intro to this one, with that unforgettable vocal stab sampled from MJ. Slightly slower tempo, but real bouncy.”

4. Tic Tac Toe ‎— “Ephemerol”

“Probably my stand-out breakbeat tune. Love the sound of the dirty synth and breaks. Really reminds me of the sweat-filled outdoor tent or a proper warehouse rave. First thing I picture when hearing this one is lasers and big crowds.”

5. Satin Storm — “Think I’m Going Out of My Head”

“For me, Satin Storm were the bad boys of the ’90s UK hardcore scene. Love this track. The synth, samples and the whole way it was constructed is truly special. Many know this as the Nicholas Parsons tune – which makes me smile.”

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Watch: Top DJs Predict Dance Music’s Next Breakout Stars

In music, it’s not so much about “what’s happening now” as it is “what’s next?” Over the course of Miami Music Week and Mysteryland USA, Beatport posed this question to some of the scene’s leading DJs, who replied with a wide variety of names.

For Jamie Jones, the next producers to watch are Hot Creations mainstays Richy Ahmed and Patrick Topping, the latter coming off a banner year with a single, “Forget,” that dominated Ibiza dancefloors and beyond. In that same vein, Soul Clap picked label mates Nick Monaco and David Marston, plus Aussie newcomer Andras Fox (now known as András); and Bob Moses clued us into Scissor & Thread’s Desert Sound Colony.

As for who will be blowing up the main stage in a few years’ time? According to Hardwell, it will be Julian Calor, whose upcoming album is “completely unlike anything you’ve ever heard in EDM.” For Gramatik, it’s time to start looking to jazz-dance fusionist Haywyre, who he pegs as “the next Skrillex.” As he puts it, “It just blows my mind how talented this kid is.”

Watch Beatport’s ‘Next on Deck’ video below for additional picks from Nicky Romero, Sander van Doorn, Dirtyphonics, Bro Safari, Dillon Francis and more.

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Beatport Guest List Winner Darryl Tan on His Surprise Trip to EDC NY

Beatport Guest List Winner Darryl Tan on His Surprise Trip to EDC NY

Last week, we spoke with Darryl Tan (who tweets at @itsdral), 24-year-old Des Plaines, IL native and winner of our Beatport Guest List contest to travel to see DJ Snake and the rest of this year’s EDC NY cast.

Darryl was able to meet 12th Planet, reunite with some of his East Coast friends, and spotted the differences between a New York and Vegas carnival. Read our interview with him below to learn more, and enter to win a spot on the Beatport Guest List here.

Was this your first experience at EDC?

EDC New York, yes, but I went to Vegas [last year]. [This time] I won through DJ Snake. I want to say this is the second time I’ve seen him. The first was at the Mid in Chicago.

Why is he one of your favorite artists?

Well, he switched it up. I’ve been listening to him for awhile and he can definitely really feel out the crowd, and I think that’s a really good talent to have – especially for a big name DJ.

What were some of your favorite moments from EDC NY?

I saw Kaskade, and he was definitely one of my favorite artists on Holy Ship. We have this thing and we call ‘Ship Fam’ and even the DJs go along with it. He was one [act] I could not miss because it brought back memories of being on the cruise ship for three days.


Photo from Darryl Tan

Another was 12th Planet. He used to be one of my favorite DJs back when I used to be really heavy into dubstep. I kind of transitioned into electro house, trap; my genres kept switching over the years. I actually saw 12th Planet and got to meet him backstage and he threw down so hard it re-sparked my love for dubstep.

I love the fact that it kind of reconnected me with the people I know out in New York. I haven’t seen them in almost a year and that was one big thing for me, like ‘Oh my god. I just won this sweepstakes from Beatport and they’re sending me to New York.’ That was a big deal for me, to be able to chill with my friends that I haven’t seen in a long time.

What about the stage set-ups?

I really liked the way they kind of kept the main stage own set up [similar to EDC Vegas]. It’s not as big as the one in Vegas, but it still kind of kept to the same scene. Also, the rides and everything… I just really liked that they didn’t change it up too much.

Sound fun? Enter at to secure your VIP trip to your favorite artist’s next gig

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Watch: A-Trak Talks DJing, Samples and SoundCloud at Mysteryland USA

Did you know A-Trak is a huge David Letterman fan? Before he kicked off Mysteryland USA last weekend at the Holy Ground pre-party, Beatport caught up with the Fool’s Gold founder to pick his brain on a variety of topics.

As the “Push” producer is preparing to hit the road next month for his ‘Gold Gone Wild’ tour, we got him talking on what to expect. “It’s more of a club tour,” he began. “…I come out with new routines, new visuals, and I test out new material. The things that I think make my style of DJing different from other current DJs – I’m just doing even more of it.”

Also happening next month is the release of Entourage, for which “Push” appears on the soundtrack. “Dance music and DJ culture are just everywhere right now,” he says. “I think that there’s an opportunity for us and our culture to have…legitimacy and touch a lot of people.” Watch our chat with A-Trak below, where he also sounds off on sampling and the SoundCloud debate.

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Premiere: Ran-D feat. Skits Vicious, “No Guts No Glory” (Defqon.1 Anthem 2015)

For hardstyle fans, the Defqon.1 anthem is the most anticipated track of the year, as they prepare for the annual Defqon.1 Festival in late June.

Past anthem artists have included Showtek, Headhunterz, Coone and other Q-Dance stalwarts, and this year’s anthem, provided by Ran-D and Skits Vicious, “No Guts No Glory,” already sounds like a smash – and we’ve got the exclusive premiere for you below.

“I was honored when Q-dance asked me to do the 2015 Defqon.1 anthem, which I believe is one of the tentpole releases every year,” Ran-D explains. “I’ve tried to blend the overall festival feel with my sound, which I feel turned out great. Can’t wait to play this one on the mainstage in June!”

We’re excited to offer you a first listen to Ran-D and Skits Vicious’ “No Guts No Glory” below.

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Deadmau5 Hooks Up a Collaboration with a Rising Star

Deadmau5 Hooks Up a Collaboration with a Rising Star

These days, Deadmau5 is known almost as much for sparking controversy with his social media activity as he is for his production output, but occasionally he lets his less-scathing side show. This time around, he’s giving a rising producer the chance of a lifetime by collaborating with him on a track.

Seven months ago, Los Angeles-based artist Grabbitz – who has released on the Monstercat label and remixed artists such as Dillon Francis & DJ Snake, Adventure Club, Knife Party and HeRobust – uploaded a vocal edit of Deadmau5’ “Silent Picture,” from his most recent album While(1<2)</em>, to SoundCloud. However, it wasn’t until earlier this week that the mau5 took notice, reaching out to him through Twitter.

Now, it seems that the collaboration is officially underway, with an official release forthcoming. Listen to Grabbitz’ vocal edit of “Silent Picture” below to hear why he caught Deadmau5’ attention.

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Toronto’s Getting A New Nightclub From the Minds Behind BPM Festival

Toronto’s Getting A New Nightclub From the Minds Behind BPM Festival

Dance fans in Toronto, Canada will have a new place to call home on the weekends as the city’s newest nightclub, Nest, prepares to open its doors next month.

Located in Little Italy, Nest is the newest nightlife venture to come from industry veteran Rob Oliverio, who also owns local club RYZE, and some of the masterminds behind BPM Festival, such as Director Vito Tomasicchio, co-founder Phillip Anthony Pulitano and Director of Marketing Nitin Kalyan, who also co-owns the No.19 label. At 13,000 square feet, the club will have two rooms, with the main room containing a capacity of 560 people and the side-room at 300. Sound will be provided by Dynacord.

The grand opening weekend, scheduled from May 15-17, will kick off the club’s reign with a three-night celebration, starting with South African house hero Black Coffee on Friday. Following that, the decks will be handed to progressive house purveyor Fehrplay and New York techno veteran Danny Tenaglia on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Subsequent Friday nights at Nest will be dedicated to booking international DJs, while Saturdays will serve to showcase local talent. Upcoming artists for the former include Hernan Cattaneo, Tin Man, Oliver Schories, Octave One, Monika Kruse and Stacey Pullen.


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Hear Claude VonStroke Teach the ‘History of Dirtybird’ in New Mix

Known for both their bass-heavy catalog and raucous BBQ parties, the Dirtybird camp have been stepping up their game of late as they celebrate the San Francisco-based label’s 10th anniversary.

Last month, crew-head Claude VonStroke recorded a special ‘History of Dirtybird’ mix for BBC Radio 1Xtra’s MistaJam to mark the milestone, and this past weekend he uploaded it to SoundCloud.

The 60-minute session is filled exclusively with tracks from the label’s extensive catalog and all-star players like Justin Martin, Ardalan, Justin Jay, Kill Frenzy, Breach, Shiba San and more, as VonStroke dusts off classics including “Beat That Bird,” “Mr. Spock,” “Don’t Go,” “Yo Vogue,” and “Jack,” plus newer crowd-pleasers like “I Enter,” “Okay,” and perhaps the biggest party-starter of them all, “Function.”

VonStroke had this to say about the mix: “A lot has happened in the music industry over the last 10 years but I like to think we have stayed consistent and managed to enjoy the ride. The players may change but the theme stays the same; keep it fun and funky. So please enjoy this very special mix that showcases the history of our music and here’s to another 10 years of DIRTYBIRD!”

Press play on the mix below, and head to the BBC website for the full tracklist.

[Photo by Paul Kelley]

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Skrillex Shares a New Round of Tracks He’s Loving Right Now

Every few weeks, bass mega-star Skrillex hits SoundCloud with another round of tracks he’s vibing to. After a couple of stacked editions in March featuring the likes of Valentino Khan, Lapalux and Brodinski, the OWSLA boss has just delivered his essential listening for April.

This time around, he’s honed in on six tracks from across the musical spectrum, including a standout cut from Kendrick Lamar’s new album To Pimp a Butterfly and the Rusty Hook flip of Jack Ü x Justin Bieber’s “Where Are Ü Now.” He also includes What So Not’s new one, “Gemini,” which is taken from the trap duo’s upcoming EP on Sweat It Out/OWSLA. (It’ll be their last release together as a production team – read more about that here.)

Skrillex recently made headlines with a cameo-heavy set to close Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, bringing his Jack Ü collaborators Diplo and Justin Bieber to the stage as the grand finale. As summer approaches, his schedule is ramping up again, with regular trips to Las Vegas, a Movement Detroit set alongside Boys Noize as Dog Blood and much more. He also just announced the return of his Full Flex Express tour, which is traveling across Canada in July with an all-star cast. This guy sure knows how to stay busy. Get into the April ‘Skrillex Selects’ below.

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Annie Mac Heads Stateside for North American Tour

Annie Mac Heads Stateside for North American Tour

Last month, radio host and taste-making DJ Annie Mac hit a new career milestone when she took over for icon Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1’s weeknight program, and next week she’s bringing her first-ever Lost & Found festival to Malta. Another first is in order as she travels across the pond next month for a North American tour.

Annie’s 9-date adventure kicks off on April 9 at New York’s Output; then, she goes from from coast to coast with stops at Tortonto’s Hoxton, Sound in Los Angeles, Seattle venue Q and Denver’s Bar Standard over the following two weeks. During that time, she’ll also make her Coachella debut in Indio, CA on April 12 (plus its second weekend on April 19). All dates will be supported by UK DJ/producer Redlight.

Ahead of her performance during Coachella’s second weekend, Annie will also host her branded Annie Mac Presents (AMP) pool party on April 18 at Palm Springs’ Hacienda Cantina, where she’ll show off her selection prowess alongside Jamie xx, Duke Dumont, Kaytranada and Redlight. Tickets for the pool party are available here.

View the complete list of Annie Mac’s North American tour dates below, and head to the main website for tickets and more information.

[Photo by Fresh To Death via Annie Mac’s Facebook]

Annie Mac

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Skrillex Shares 10 More Tracks He’s Vibing to Right Now

Since last September, bass ambassador Skrillex has been flexing his tastemaker muscle with the ‘Skrillex Selects’ SoundCloud series. Every month (or thereabouts), the OWSLA head will handpick a selection of tracks he’s vibing to right now, often giving then-unknown producers a new platform for major exposure. This week, he’s delivered 10 new cuts for your playlist.

This round includes gear from OWSLA associates like Valentino Khan and Vindata, plus selections from Brodinski, Lapalux, Swick and Hundred Waters. Skrillex also throws in a couple of tracks he made alongside Diplo as Jack Ü, including the fiery Missy Elliot flip of “Take Ü There” and the pair’s surprise collaboration with Justin Bieber, “Where Are Ü Now.” It’s a pretty accurate snapshot of where the producer’s mind is at, spanning both club bangers and music to kick back to.

This month sees Skrillex return to Miami to close out the Ultra mainstage on Sunday night. Expect shuddering bass, fireworks overhead and a whole lot of pyro. His OWSLA crew also has its own stage at Bayfront Park featuring Salva, Jack Beats, AC Slater, Wiwek and more. Get into the latest ‘Skrillex Selects’ below.

[Article photo via OWSLA on Facebook]

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Daniel Avery’s 11 Techno Remixes to Get Lost In

This week, Phantasy Sound recruit Daniel Avery released New Energy, a two-part compilation of his music remixed by a cast of contemporaries. The tracklist draws largely from Avery’s debut album, Drone Logic, one of 2013’s standout releases.

The roll-call of remixers assembled on New Energy would make an enviable festival lineup, with turns from late-night maestros like Rødhåd, Perc, Conforce, Ø [Phase], Roman Flügel, KiNK and Audion. Elsewhere, Paul Woolford brings the Special Request touch to “Taste,” DFA Records outfit Factory Floor get woozy on “Drone Logic” and Erol Alkan and Richard Norris team up for a Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve ‘Re-Animation.’

To mark the release of the new compilationwe figured the time was right to talk remixes with Daniel Avery. Given how expertly he curated New Energy, this is a producer who clearly celebrates the art of the dancefloor rework. For this feature, we asked Avery to name some of his inspirations. In the words of the man himself, “Rather than my favorite remixes ever, I went with 11 techno remixes that have affected my head in recent times…” Go ahead and let them get into yours.

1. Theo Parrish – “Falling Up” (Carl Craig Remix)

“Pretty much the perfect remix in every way; it’s a lesson in patience on the dancefloor. Carl Craig is the king of that masterful yet unapologetic repetition.”

2. Gunnar Wendel – “578” (Omar S Berlin Mix)

“A record that does everything on its own terms in way of mood and restraint. The classic Detroit method.”

3. Tin Man – “Nonneo” (Donato Dozzy Remix)

“Dream-like acid from Tin Man given the inimitable Dozzy touch. Transcendental stuff.”

4. Ø [Phase] – “Perplexed” (Rødhåd’s Extended Mix)

“A beautiful record and two of the most interesting names in techno right now. I’m excited to have a remix from each on New Energy.”

5. Dadub – “Life” (Rrose Remix)

“Rrose’s style blows me away every time and this is the kind of record I can’t ever see leaving my bag.”

6. Cassegrain – “Task” (TM404 Remix)

“A pair of artists at their top of their game. This has been a big track for me recently.”

7. Perc – “Start Chopping” (Tommy Four Seven Remix)

“Hard as nails, but that beat can make the whole club sway.”

8. Radio Slave – “My Bleep” (Roman Flügel Remix)

“A modern classic from a true master. It still sounds like it comes from another world entirely.”

9. Slam – “Cirklon Bells” (Edit Select Remix)

“Warm, hypnotic techno like this is good for the soul. Edit Select is on fire. Check out his album Phlox for a proper trip.”

10. Massimiliano Pagliara – “In Order Of More Depth” (B.H.F.V Remix)

“It’s a track that needs to be played in its entirety; the atmosphere throughout is incredible.”

11. Japancakes – Touched (Ricardo Tobar Remix)

“A record in which to get truly lost. The world needs to know about Ricardo Tobar and I’m very happy to have him on the remix album.”

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