Two of Miami’s Music Venues Are Closing Their Doors This Year

Miami’s nightlife is set to take a hit before the year is out, as two of the city’s venues plan to shutter their doors in the near future.

As reported this week by Miami New Times, management behind Mansion and Grand Central have confirmed that their establishments are closing; though the former originally planned to shut down this weekend, further updates indicate that the date has been pushed back “a few weeks, with a final closing date still undetermined.” Grand Central closes on September 26.

Both venues were seen as staples in the city’s nightlife. Grand Central, which opened during Miami Music Week in 2010, hosted a genre-spanning variety of artists over its five-year run such as Diplo, Dillon Francis, Peaches, Danny Brown, Tiefschwarz and Schoolboy Q; plus MMW parties for Fool’s Gold and HARD. According to MNT, a specific reason for its closure is not stated, but the imminent construction of the Miami Worldcenter might be a factor.

The shutdown of 11-year veteran Mansion, however, comes less as a surprise to nightlife locals. reports that the club’s original owners left earlier this year, and its management group, Icon Hospitality, is currently in the midst of a $5-million lawsuit after security for former sister club Cameo attacked a patron. “Mansion has been going downhill for a long time,” an anonymous source told the outlet.

Despite the closures, there’s still a silver lining. also reports that the new owners of Mansion are planning to reopen the space under a new name, and are reportedly in the process of acquiring multiple nightlife spaces around town.

[Article photo by SoBe Politics]

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Mysteryland 2015: How Holland’s Oldest Dance Festival Does It Differently

Mysteryland 2015: How Holland’s Oldest Dance Festival Does It Differently

While there’s no shortage of audacious, spectacle-heavy summer festivals on offer, with event franchises like Tomorrowland, Ultra and EDC gradually spreading their tentacles across the continents, it’s easy to forget Mysteryland was one of the first.

The Amsterdam mainstay threw its 22nd annual party over the weekend, extending from its traditional one-day format into a camping weekender for the very first time. Given the level of detail that ID&T weaves into the rolling green plains of the Voormalig Floriade, you really do need the luxury of two days to explore it all.

With all the hype that’s built around the ostentatious stage designs and YouTube simulcasts of Ultra Miami and Belgium’s Tomorrowland in recent years, Mysteryland has certainly lost some lustre as an international festival favorite. That’s definitely a shame, as Mysteryland arguably offers the best experience out of them all for the more seasoned clubber seeking a sprawling, large-scale festival experience.


The mainstage designs of Tomorrowland and Ultra have taken their cues from Hollywood summer blockbusters these past few years, employing so much spectacle it becomes almost numbing. In contrast to those behemoths, Mysteryland might seem even a little quaint.

The main stage featured the same design seen at its US edition this year – a pair of Trojan Horses locking eyes over the central booth. Instead of audacious spectacle, the main stage made its mark by deviating from the standard-issue lineups of its peers.

Saturday was the day that most closely resembled your regular EDM festival (albeit with a little less star of the power that’s purchased with Avicii, Guetta and the like). Dutch ‘future house’ favorite Oliver Heldens ushered in the headliners, followed by Laidback Luke, Nero and Nicky Romero, before a closing set from Alesso. In general, the DJs showed a little more restraint than expected, with less of the absurdity that’s begun to characterize mainstage EDM in 2015.

It was Sunday, though, where Mysteryland really mixed it up. The masked Claptone was an early wildcard at 1pm with house music on much more classic bent, followed by the reunited Deep Dish, who dropped 90 minutes of trance-y house and progressive. US prodigy Porter Robinson followed immediately after in live mode, with the more mellow selections from his Worlds album seamlessly seguing into anthems like “Language,” as well as UK drum n’ bass favourite Netsky, who also performed live with a cast of MCs and vocalists in tow.

Main stage scheduling has become so predictable in 2015 that it’s almost unthinkable to expect euphoric drum n’ bass alongside groovy house, but at Mysteryland it seamlessly transitioned into EDM headliners like Martin Garrix, who closed the weekend.

Meanwhile, the excess of the Q-dance stage was a weekend-long talking point. As divisive as hardstyle is, it’s remarkably popular in the Netherlands, accounting for as many as a third of the tickets sold to Mysteryland. The stage design this year was stunningly simple and effective; the face of a monkey that grew even more mesmerizing when lit up at night by red and blue lights, as smoke billowed out its nose and flames shot overhead. Whether you love or loathe hard dance, the synced lights and fireworks of the ‘Endshow’ are a marvel.


While Tomorrowland is expected to deliver bigger and better mains stages each year, Mysteryland instead concentrates on the small touches; creating an otherworldly atmosphere across the natural beauty of the Voormalig Floriade. The north of the grounds is dominated by a man-made pyramid formation crafted by Dutch farmers, and you can climb to the top for an aerial view of the festival. It’s dotted with flags in circular formations that can be admired from a distance, and looking up towards the pyramid at dusk is a breathtaking sight.

To the left of the pyramid is a lake that’s peppered with floating colored spheres, which light up vividly after sunset. To reach the mainstage, you cross a smaller lake via a zig-zagging platform, which is set so low that it appears as if punters are walking on water. Mysteryland is full of serene moments like these, and it definitely makes for a contrast from the bombast of flame-throwers and CO2 cannons.


The charm of Mysteryland is found in the colorful details, although the arts and culture element of the festival appeared a little lighter than in previous years. (The change might have something to do with the departure from ID&T of Duncan Stutterheim and Irfan van Ewijk, the co-founders who championed the more cerebral side of the festival over the years.)

However, there was still an impressive number of immersive art installations to be found deep into the forest. Across the Voormalig Floriade, walkways were lined with giant red hearts and a Healing Garden offered rest and recuperation, while costumed performers appeared at every turn.


While the side stages of the major festivals often seem like an afterthought, at Mysteryland the crowd is spread evenly across the grounds, with each of the 15 or so stages proving to be consistently well attended.

Turning the corner of the pyramid that overlooks the Q-dance arena revealed a stage that blasted out party hip-hop for the whole weekend. And while the standard EDM can be heard at the mainstage in the south of the grounds, the HYTE tent catered for those who enjoy their tougher techno, with the likes of Chris Liebing, Planetary Assault Systems, Jeff Mills and Pan-Pot ensuring the party was moving non-stop during the festival.

Nearby, a stage constructed of several shipping containers boasted a ‘Vinyl Only’ selection of performers over the weekend, while arenas curated by Joris Voorn and Beatport catered for deeper dancefloor sounds. Elsewhere, the ubiquitous Spinnin’ Records and Steve Angello’s label Size Matters ensured all the crowd-pleasing boxes were ticked.


A concrete bunker delivered rumbling bass music and broken beats, while a sprawling area was curated by Amsterdam’s famous LBGT Milkshake Festival, whose stage resembled an oversized pink children’s toy house. Hidden deep in the woods somewhere between the mainstage and the HYTE tent was a tiny yet impressive stage curated by the Kojade performance art collective, with a cast of elaborately costumed dancers and live percussionists complimenting its slinkier house sounds.

If you’ve ever complained of feeling ‘old’ at one of the larger dance festivals, Mysteryland is a welcome surprise. There’s a truly varied range of ages amongst the tens of thousands that attend, with newcomers partying alongside veterans who’ve been at nearly all of the parties in its 22-year history. Sometimes, the original is hard to beat.

Follow Angus Paterson on Twitter. Mysteryland 2016 is set for the weekend of August 26-27; find out more at the official festival website.

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Ultra is Heading to Puerto Rico in 2015

Ultra is Heading to Puerto Rico in 2015

Since its inaugural Miami event in 1999, Ultra Music Festival has seen exponential growth. Originally a single day event and then growing to a weekend long affair, the festival has since developed into a massive brand in an effort to take the dance party worldwide.

Last year, the party brand made its debuts in South Africa, Japan and Colombia, and in 2015 has set foot in Korea, Thailand and Macau. In the latest chapter of its global takeover, Ultra is taking its single-day, single-stage ‘Road to Ultra’ event to Puerto Rico this fall, where it’s taking over San Juan’s Convention District on October 2.

Also still to come on Ultra’s packed agenda are a series of previously announced debuts in Asia, which start off in Singapore on September 19 before heading  Taiwan on September 20, and then over the South China Sea to the Philippines on September 26. Then, after its Puerto Rican sojourn, it’s off to South America for stops in Bolivia on October 3, Peru on October 7 and then finally to Paraguay on October 9.

A lineup for ‘Road To Ultra’ Puerto Rico is still forthcoming, but tickets go on sale today over at the official website.

[Photo via Ultra’s Facebook]


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Danny Daze’s 12 Downtempo Favorites

Miami-based techno producer Danny Daze recently launched a ‘Sunday Morning‘ mix series showcasing his life-long fascination with the downtempo/chill side of things, featuring stellar guest sets from like-minded artists Rivet, Ruxpin and Anshaw Black.

With his Dual EP out on Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic label, and blowing up at Sonar Barcelona and Awakenings 2015, we reached out to Danny and asked him to run down a list of his left-of-center favorites. While classics like Aphex Twin, Autechre and Boards of Canada didn’t make the cut, ’80s art-rock experimentalist Laurie Anderson did (you may even know the tune, if you’ve heard him play recently, or remember the Audiofly X remix).

“I wanted to present some experimental, chill wave and downtempo tunes that I consider my biggest influences and top tracks of all-time,” Danny told us. “Many have heard of Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards Of Canada and Plaid, but these artist are the ones that did it for me while I was growing up. Also, Miami labels like Schematic and M3rck drew me into messing around with different soundscapes.”

Check out Danny Daze’s 12 favorite chill classics below.

1. Adam Johnson – “Anex”

“One of my all-time favorite records in general. Really emotional tune with great atmosphere. Originally, this came out on M3rck Records out of Miami.”

2. Tycho – “Past is Prologue”

“This Tycho record is one I’ve ended many sets with as the last song. The change in the middle of the track where it turns in drum & bass gets me every time.”

3. Secret Frequency Crew – “Aqua”

“Secret frequency crew has been a massive influence on me over the years. This record goes down as one of my top experimental tunes for a reason. It just tells a great story.”

4. Phoeneica – “Grrl. Trrbl”

“It’s insane how ahead of their time Miami-based Phoenecia was. The entire Brown Out album is a masterpiece. These guys, along with the Schematic record label they ran, are one of the reasons I got into experimental electro.”

5. Laurie Anderson – “O Superman”

“I play this one like crazy, right smack in the middle of my sets. Quite a bit of experimental sampling going on here seeing it was released back in 1982.”

6. Otto von Schnarch – “Smelly Mustard”

“A long-time friend of mine from Miami. I used to go to this guy’s shows when I was 13 and I’d walk out of there massively inspired. Here’s his musical version of an LCD trip.”

7. M83 – “Run into Flowers” (Jackson Remix)

“Perfectly playable in a techno set, yet still pretty experimental production.”

8. Lackluster – “Thor’s Magic Bathtub”

“Lackluster has to have one of the best sound pallets ever. Every thing this guy makes is beautifully structured and very unique. I listen to this record a lot along with all his other production when I’m stressed out and need to calm down.”

9. Mum – “The Ballad of Broken Birdie Record” (Ruxpin Remix)

“Ruxpin has to be one of my favorites producers of all-time. This guy does everything, techno, electro and chill stuff. His experimental/chill wave has always been next level. Not many can touch him on this tip.”

10. Anthony Rother – “Biomechanik”

“Although not fully experimental, I thought this tune should be in here because it’s not exactly a dance record, more of a listening tune. I’ve listened to this record at least 3000 times, and I’m not kidding.”

11. Proem – “Bolt Action Aardvark” (Brothomstates Remix)

“Both Proem and Brothomstates are incredible producers. This remix is pure time-stretched bliss, really great atmosphere and a good example of what experimenting with time-stretching can do.”

12. Squarepusher – “Do You Know Squarepusher?”

“I thought I’d end it with something many may know…I really hope you’ve heard this masterpiece before.”

Danny Daze’s Dual EP is out now on Ultramajic. 

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Watch A-Trak Showcase ‘Real DJing’ in His Latest Scratch Routine

For the last three years, A-Trak has been dropping #RealDJing knowledge with his Short Cuts video series, where he shows off the turntablism skills that have earned him multiple world championships. This week, he’s back with the eighth episode and a live remix of one of today’s dance power-duos.

“This is what I do with 2 turntables and a Jack Ü song,” the Fool’s Gold co-founder Tweeted upon sharing the video. As he said earlier this year, “DJing is all about taking risks,” and he’s putting it out there by re-working Skrillex and Diplo’s “Beats Knockin” on the fly, doing more in nearly three minutes than what some DJs do in an hour’s worth of hitting the decks. Watch it below – and fellow DJs, take heed to A-Trak’s closing statement: “So if you feelin’ like number one, get ready to be number two, ‘cause we back – Fool’s Gold.”

He’s not lying, either: the collective’s ‘Day Off’ party series returns this summer, starting on August 29 on Los Angeles. Following that, A-Trak and crew head to Atlanta, Brooklyn, Miami and Austin throughout September. Lineups and tickets are reportedly coming soon.

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Watch: Top DJs Predict Dance Music’s Next Breakout Stars

In music, it’s not so much about “what’s happening now” as it is “what’s next?” Over the course of Miami Music Week and Mysteryland USA, Beatport posed this question to some of the scene’s leading DJs, who replied with a wide variety of names.

For Jamie Jones, the next producers to watch are Hot Creations mainstays Richy Ahmed and Patrick Topping, the latter coming off a banner year with a single, “Forget,” that dominated Ibiza dancefloors and beyond. In that same vein, Soul Clap picked label mates Nick Monaco and David Marston, plus Aussie newcomer Andras Fox (now known as András); and Bob Moses clued us into Scissor & Thread’s Desert Sound Colony.

As for who will be blowing up the main stage in a few years’ time? According to Hardwell, it will be Julian Calor, whose upcoming album is “completely unlike anything you’ve ever heard in EDM.” For Gramatik, it’s time to start looking to jazz-dance fusionist Haywyre, who he pegs as “the next Skrillex.” As he puts it, “It just blows my mind how talented this kid is.”

Watch Beatport’s ‘Next on Deck’ video below for additional picks from Nicky Romero, Sander van Doorn, Dirtyphonics, Bro Safari, Dillon Francis and more.

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Listen: Flume is Back with a Stunning New Single, “Some Minds”

Flume fans have been waiting a while for new material from the Australian electronic prodigy. After a long break between original productions, the Sydney producer otherwise known as Harley Streten has just released a show-stopping single “Some Minds,” featuring Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt singing vocals he wrote. It’s a pensive, soulful slow-builder with a thrilling pay-off just after the three-minute mark.

“This is the first original song I’ve released in a while,” Streten writes. “Working with Andrew Wyatt was one of the most natural collabs I’ve worked on – he is a seasoned pro and really opened me up to this new way of working.”

The video – a “love letter to Sydney,” as Streten puts it – was shot after-hours in the Sydney Opera House, with accomplished director and designer Clemens Habicht behind the lens. The video’s setting is fitting, as the producer will play two sold-out shows there this weekend as part of his label Future Classic’s 10-year anniversary celebrations.

Following his hometown weekend, Streten’s flying back to North America to continue a summer tour that includes many prestigious stops. His US festival dates include Governors Ball in New York, Electric Forest and Bonnaroo, plus headline shows in Washington, DC, Miami, Denver, Phoenix and more. Get into “Some Minds” below, and cross your fingers for that second album.

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Watch: Steve Aoki Reveals His Ultra Main Stage Game Plan

We sat down with Steve Aoki at his “safe house” hideaway during Miami Music Week for an exclusive on this weekend’s Ultra Music Festival mainstage set.

The Dim Mak don revealed he will premiere his newest club hit with Headhunterz, bring forth special guests from Neon Future ll, including his “I Love It When You Cry” collaborator Moxie and the folk/dance outfit Walk off the Earth. Additionally, he’s got another trick up his sleeve.

“[There’s] another special guest I haven’t told anyone,” he said. “This is really exciting; they’re not playing at Ultra and people will be very, very, very excited to see it. We even made a special 10-minute set of a bunch of our hits…together. It’s so good I can’t give it away.” Watch our exclusive interview below.

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Watch Ultra Music Festival 2015 Live Streaming Right Here

Can’t be in Miami for Ultra Music Festival 2015 this weekend? Lucky for you, the whole thing is streaming live on Ultra’s Twitch channel. You can tune in Friday from 4pm to midnight, Saturday from 3pm to midnight and Sunday 3pm to midnight.

By now, you’re surely familiar with the size of the lineup that’ll assemble at Bayfront Park, spanning big-name headliners (Afrojack, Hardwell, Skrillex, David Guetta and co.), techno and house heavyweights (among them Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, John Digweed, Tale Of Us and Sasha) and some much-anticipated live sets from the likes of Kygo, Porter Robinson, Royksopp and Bassnectar.

You can check out the weekend’s set times right here. The main stage closers are Tiësto on Friday night, Axwell/Ingrosso on Saturday and Skrillex on Sunday. Other intriguing set times include Eric Prydz in the A State Of Trance arena, Krewella’s live return (now as a duo) to the Live stage and the festival debut of Get Real, aka Green Velvet and Claude VonStroke.

Let’s wait and see who makes it onto the live stream. You can keep track of the current time in Miami and watch the live stream below.

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Ultra Music Festival’s Latest Mini-Movie Brings All the Hype

Right now, Miami’s Bayfront Park is being readied for the 2015 return of Ultra Music Festival. Over three days – Friday, 27 to Sunday, 29 March – Ultra’s flagship event will host one of the flashiest dance music lineups you’re likely to see.

While all eyes are on Miami right now, the Ultra juggernaut also travels the world, hitting destinations like South Africa, Buenos Aires, Miami, Korea, Europe, Japan and Chile in 2014. Now comes the after-movie (and hype reel) that covers them all.

Created by Final Kid, this eight-minute recap tracks Ultra’s continent-hopping year, with input from Kaskade, Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox, Nervo, Hardwell and more. The soundtrack comes courtesy of Laidback Luke & Project 46’s “Memories” on Ultra Records.

With the day-by-day schedule revealed for Ultra Miami, fans are now waiting to get a look at the 2015 main stage design. So far, the festival has kept that information close at hand, but keep an eye on Instagram in the days ahead.

[Photo by Rukes]

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Matador Hits the Road on 28-Date World Tour This Spring

Irish don Matador is one of our favorite techno artists at the moment. Over the past few years, the Dublin-based Minus affiliate, born Gavin Lynch, has been a drawcard at Germany’s Time Warp marathon, London’s Fabric, Brooklyn’s Verboten and, of course, Richie Hawtin’s annual summer pilgrimage to Ibiza for his ENTER. residency at Space.

When he’s not in the booth, Lynch has been burning the midnight oil in the studio. His latest offering, Play With Me Pt. 2, is a five-track collection of his most recent releases, including current Beatport techno chart-topper “Da Hustle” and the pulsating “BSunday.”

In support of his stellar new release, Lynch is heading out on a 28-date world club tour, including stopovers at Miami Music Week, Detroit’s Movement, New York’s Mysteryland, Brooklyn’s Verboten and tons of European dates. As a teaser, we’ve lined up his hour-long ENTER.Ibiza 2014 mix below including original work and solid Matador reworks of The Chemical Brothers, Booka Shade and fellow Irishman Phil Kieran. Get into it.

Matador’s Play With Me 2015 Tour:

Mar. 20 – Stereo, Montreal, Canada
Mar. 21 – Park Plaza, Los Angelas, USA
Mar. 24 – Mindshake Records Party, Trade, Miami, FL, USA
Mar. 28 – Beta, Denver, CO, USA
Apr. 1 – Union-Prod, Seville, Spain
Apr. 2 – Mondo Club, Madrid, Spain
Apr. 3 – Ministerium Club, Lisbon, Portugal
Apr. 4 – El Row, F135, Barcelona, Spain
Apr. 5 – Circus, Liverpool, UK
Apr. 6 – Old River, Naples, Italy
Apr. 10 – Instyud Energetic, Warsaw, Poland
Apr. 11 – Ninkasi Electro, Lyon, France
Apr. 18 – FUSE 18th Birthday, Brussels, Belgium
Apr. 23 – Vicious Magazine LIVE, Madrid, Spain
Apr. 24 – Stereo Types, Luxembourg
Apr. 30 – Die Kantine, Vienna, Austria
May 1 – Cafe De Anvers, Antwerp, Belgium
May 2 – Komplex 457, Zúrich, Switzerland
May 7 – Crossover Festival, NICE, France
May 13 – miniNOVA, Globull, Switzerland
May 15 – Steam, Miami, FL, USA
May 16 – Hardpop, Juarez, Mexico
May 21 – Bar Americas, Guadalajara, Mexico
May 22 – Foro Norte, Mexico City, Mexico
May 23 – Mysteryland Festival, Bethel, New York
May 25 – Movement Festival, Detroit MI, USA
May 29 – Verboten, Brooklyn, NY, USA
May 31 – Forbidden Fruit Festival, Dublin, Ireland

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Hear the Track Disclosure Produced for Jimmy Napes’ Debut EP

James Napier, better known as Jimmy Napes, is a name to watch closely. Songwriting credits for crossover acts such as Clean Bandit, Sam Smith and frequent collaborators Disclosure have garnered him well-deserved recognition and a few Grammy Awards to boot.

After taking a backseat to these featured artists, Napes is stepping into the spotlight with his debut EP, The Making Of Me. Dropped earlier this week on Disclosure’s Method Records, the three-tracker centers on his smooth vocals, but he’s also had some help on the production side from some well-known friends. The title track was crafted by garage pioneer MJ Cole, and “Give It Up” was produced by Disclosure’s Howard Lawrence.

The latest song Napes has shared, “Keep You To Myself,” sees both Lawrence brothers come together for a production that’s standard Disclosure. Clean, crisp and catchy, the song straddles the line between pop and dance; while we can easily envision it as a radio single, it’s also ripe for more dancefloor-oriented remixes. Listen to the track below, and head to Jimmy Napes’ SoundCloud for the rest of the EP.

Meanwhile (when they’re not deep in the production bubble), you can catch Disclosure on the curation tip as they bring their Wild Life party to Miami and Las Vegas at the end of the month. Later on in the year, they’re due to perform at Detroit’s Movement festival along with gigs at Parklife and their own Wild Life Festival, where Napes will make his live debut.

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Skrillex Shares 10 More Tracks He’s Vibing to Right Now

Since last September, bass ambassador Skrillex has been flexing his tastemaker muscle with the ‘Skrillex Selects’ SoundCloud series. Every month (or thereabouts), the OWSLA head will handpick a selection of tracks he’s vibing to right now, often giving then-unknown producers a new platform for major exposure. This week, he’s delivered 10 new cuts for your playlist.

This round includes gear from OWSLA associates like Valentino Khan and Vindata, plus selections from Brodinski, Lapalux, Swick and Hundred Waters. Skrillex also throws in a couple of tracks he made alongside Diplo as Jack Ü, including the fiery Missy Elliot flip of “Take Ü There” and the pair’s surprise collaboration with Justin Bieber, “Where Are Ü Now.” It’s a pretty accurate snapshot of where the producer’s mind is at, spanning both club bangers and music to kick back to.

This month sees Skrillex return to Miami to close out the Ultra mainstage on Sunday night. Expect shuddering bass, fireworks overhead and a whole lot of pyro. His OWSLA crew also has its own stage at Bayfront Park featuring Salva, Jack Beats, AC Slater, Wiwek and more. Get into the latest ‘Skrillex Selects’ below.

[Article photo via OWSLA on Facebook]

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Armin van Buuren Returns to ‘Pure Trance’ on New Gaia Release

Later this month, trance don Armin van Buuren will return to Miami’s Bayfront Park for Ultra Music Festival. With a main stage slot scheduled for Saturday night before Hardwell and Axwell Λ Ingrosso, he’s also overseeing the A State Of Trance arena on Sunday, joined by Eric Prydz, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz and more.

One track you can count on hearing in Armin’s sets over that weekend? The new one from his Gaia side-project, “Carnation.” After testing it out on crowds in recent months, the Armada boss finally played “Carnation” on his A State Of Trance radio show. You can take a listen to the audio below below.

Gaia is of course Armin’s side-project focused on the ‘pure trance’ sound, with faster tempos built for peaktime dancefloors. His production partner in Gaia is Benno de Goeij, and the pair took the stage at Ultra Miami last March for a special live set in the ASOT arena. With both producers hidden under hoods,  they delivered 90 relentless minutes stacked with Gaia originals pushing the 138-BPM mark. You can watch that set in full right here via Armin’s official YouTube.

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Watch Axwell Λ Ingrosso Flex Their Acting Muscle in New Music Video

Around this time in 2013, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, along with Steve Angello, were gearing up for an emotional finale as breakthrough outfit Swedish House Mafia at Ultra Music Festival. Now, it’s just the duo (as Axwell Λ Ingrosso) preparing for a top-billed performance at the Miami event after debuting last year at Governor’s Ball, and they’re leading up to the spectacle with a cinematic music video for their single “On My Way.”

Directed by regular collaborator Christian Larson, the video is the first part of a double-header release, the second half of which will drop tomorrow, according to a press release. In it, we see Axwell and Ingrosso bring forth their best acting chops in a short film that sees the two go head-to-head in an all-out brawl – a stark contrast to the track’s catchy and summer-anthemic sound.

After Axwell Λ Ingrosso hit Miami, you can catch them next at Coachella in April before they go on a European festival spell that entails dates at Electric Love, Ultra Europe, Tomorrowland and Creamfields. It all leads up to the duo’s anticipated (and currently untitled) debut album, out this fall on Def Jam.

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