The worst female DJ promo pics ever

As you likely know, hilarious DJ pics are, for us, pure gold. Whether it’s DJs looking depressed or oddball DJ fan art, we don’t care—the worse, the better, we say. So naturally we were delighted to come across today’s treasure trove of terror on the often-funny, often-offensive, sometimes-NSFW Head of Rothchild site, which compiles some awesomely bad promo shots of ladies in questionable states of DJing. Real female DJs, try not to be too insulted by the looks that these marketing wizards have dreamt up! Continue reading

Brazil’s Digitaria continue to bubble up on Hot Creations and Jeudi

Last year, when we spoke with Jamie Jones, the Hot Creations label head had a couple names on his lips—Funky Fat and Brazil duo Digitaria. Since then, Digitaria’s Daniela Caldellas and Daniel Albinati have stepped it up considerably, releasing on Hot Creations, Hot Waves, and lately, Jeudi Records, who issued January’s “Reaction,” a pair-up with Adana Twins. With plenty more action on the way, we checked in with the Belo Horizonte, Brazil-based Albinati as Digitaria continue to bubble up from the underground. Continue reading

Kate Simko gets the cosmic, deep-house treatment from Blond:ish

Chicago-based producer Kate Simko’s recently released remix EP features three reworks of her 2012 hit “Go On Then,” a melodic, jazzy minimal techno offering with vocals from songwriter Jem Cooke. The EP builds on the dancefloor success of the original with three house-fueled remixes from producers Franck Roger, Ian Pooley, and, most notably, Montreal deep house duo Blond:ish. Continue reading

What Chris Lake taught up-and-coming prog-house producer Northend on the road

Ravetastic Canadian producer Northend fell in love with electronic music when he first heard the Tiësto classics “Adagio for Strings” and “In My Memory.” Now at the age of 21 he is coming into his own as a musician, having ended 2012 with a bang, touring with greats Chris Lake, Michael Woods, and TJR. He looks to keep up the pace in 2013, moving forward with a slew of releases including “Reverence,” which just dropped, to be followed by collaborative tracks “You & Me” with Jed Harper and “Dancing In the Dark” with Yug and his first full North American tour later in the year. He told us a bit more about his history and his goings on in the following 5Qs. Continue reading

Mixing without monitors, a Diplo adoption wish, and more with rising Canadian talent Ryan Hemsworth

2012 was undeniably the year of Ryan Hemsworth. The Canadian producer of the moment, who earned early acclaim for his work with Chicago duo Supreme Cuts and Oakland rap group Main Attractionz, rose to fame quickly as the release of his hip-hop-fueled debut solo EP, Last Words, proved to be one of the year’s highlights. Finishing off 2012 by dropping a fun, synth-driven, electro-influenced number, “BasedWorld”—a nod to rapper Lil B—on New Year’s Eve, and following that with the release of the video for “Colour & Movement,” an emotive, minimalist edit of German indie project The Notwist’s “Consequence,” there seems to be no stopping this young producer. Continue reading

Sao Paulo D&B king DJ Marky opens up his crates and pulls out some gems

One of the most regarded DJs in drum & bass hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which may be a remote location compared to the genre’s capital, but you’d be hard-pressed to find any fan of D&B who is unaware of DJ Marky’s legendary status. Born Marco Antonio Silva, he inaugurated his own Innerground label with “Rotation” in 2003, but his 2012 releases like “Mystic Sunset” and “Love Affair” still score high with us—and of course D&B fans—so speaking with Marky and tapping into his years of knowledge is an absolute honor. Here he gives us a look at his essential tracks. Continue reading

Simian Mobile Disco tease Live release with exclusive concert footage

Simian Mobile Disco may not be letting their new Live album out of the bag until April 15 (on their own Delicacies imprint), but they’ve given us something pretty darn special for you today—some unseen footage from that recording, made in Philadelphia last December. Last year, Mssrs Ford and Shaw spoke with us about their huge amount of gear, much of which you’ll see in this clip below being used to recreate live versions of hits like “Hustler,” “It’s The Beat,” and “Cruel Intentions.” Continue reading

Denmark’s Noir enjoys a huge 2012 and joins the ranks of Defected In the House

Soft-spoken and seldom detached from any avenue of his craft, melancholic house maestro René Kristensen (aka Noir) boasts industry stripes of epic proportions. After all, a man whose love for music blossomed at age six to forge a passion that continuously breaks the comfort zones of his calling is unlikely to go unnoticed in such saturated times.

Taking a breather from his increasingly sparing studio time, Noir touched base with Beatport News to discuss his new compilation, the makings of Noir Music, and why house remains a genre of nostalgic yet positive cycles. Continue reading

Popeska brings a not-so-Southern sound to the electronic music world

One would never guess that Popeska started his musical life as a dorm-room producer at Georgia Institute of Technology, purely based upon the sheer complexity and depth of his tracks. In 2012, he released his first EP, Karmameter on Wolfgang Gartner’s newly relaunched Kindergarten Recordings, and joined Gartner on his Love & War tour across North America. It’s clear that Popeska has a knack and a sincere appreciation for production, which lets his myriad music influences—including classical, jazz, and folk—shine through. If you had the impression that the American South primarily bred quality music in the form of country and hip-hop, Atlanta-reared Popeska will certainly change your perspective. Continue reading

Bristol producer Kowton continues his bass-music takeover plot with Peverelist

As an integral member of Bristol’s Young Echo crew—which counts artists such as Vessel and Kahn among its ranks—producer Kowton (real name: Joe Cowton) steadily rose up from the underground in 2012, appearing on respected labels like Keysound and hometown imprint Idle Hands while also delivering quality remixes for Untold, Teeth, and more over the course of the year. 2013 promises to be a similarly prolific period for the burgeoning Bristolian, beginning with a release crafted alongside UK veteran Peverelist for the forward-thinking Hessle Audio. Expect to hear plenty more of Kowton’s powerful take on shuffling house as the UK bass explosion continues apace. Continue reading

With live-show plans, France’s Arno Cost debuts “Head Up” on Size Records

For all of France’s scattered contributions to electronic music, Arno Cost has proven an outright yardstick for quality. Inaugurated alongside homeland peer Norman Doray and propelled forward by landmark releases like “Magenta” and “Cyan,” his distinct blend of uplifting and melodically refined club cuts, though sparing, have maintained his standing as a middle-ground master in the ranks of modern house music.

But modern times call for avant-garde measures, and as Cost’s credibility on the global club circuit has continued to spiral in proportion to his studio output, so has the resilience of his work. Having pushed forward with his own take on wobbly peak-time electro house with 2012’s “Lifetime,” the new year beckoned Cost to step up to the ranks of Size Records, for whom the French producer delivered one of the most thick-skinned extensions of his studio capabilities to date. On a rare day of downtime for the Parisian big-roomer, Beatport News caught up with Cost to discuss his Size debut, “Head Up,” the power of the French touch, and his dreams of becoming a live dance act. Continue reading